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About Me


Hello, I'm Gretchen

I'm an artist from Upstate NY where I've been calling home since diaper days. 

I went to school for fine turned digital arts at Sage College of Albany but quickly resettled back in my fine art roots where I've stayed, built, and experimented in ever since.

My Story

Drawing and painting for me started as soon as I could hold something to write or draw with and you can't find me without a sketchbook and at least a pencil. My goal is to share the inner experience that I have with others and hopefully do the same for other folks. 

I'm inspired by experiences and interactions and hope to make a connection with you soon about how I can help you express your inner world with those around you.

My paintings are geared and set for building out some kind of imagination while my photography aims more to capture that essence of experiences. 



Interested in booking a commission or session? Get in touch to learn more.

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