This is a commission completed in September of 2018 for a friend. 

This was created and inspired by his trip(s) to Japan. We collaborated on the over all subject of the piece.

For this painting I stuck to canon as much as possible as it relates to Shinto Shrines in Japan. Lanterns in Shinto are meant to guide spirits to shrines and hold specific meaning to the type of spirit it attracts. He was also very inspired by the juxtaposition of day and night. This allowed me to give some luminosity to the lantern while still adding lightness to the overall piece. This also dictated what type of lantern was chosen. I also wanted to focus on using traditional uses of perspective as seen in Japanese block prints. This gives it the stacked and almost flat feeling to the perspective.

Not featured in the image is the gold reflection of the mica paint used on the night side.

Matt's Lantern